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WotNot Naturals Prime and Protect SPF30

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The most loved Australian natural sunscreen is about to make you fall in love all over again. Released to critical acclaim, the 30 SPF Anti-Aging Facial Sunscreen & Primer is lighter and more effective than ever before. Wear it everyday – with or without makeup – and your skin will look younger & healthier for longer.

Perfect for busy women who want a multi-purpose product that does more than one function.

Suitable for pregnancy, those trying to conceive, breastfeeding and sensitive skin.


Wotnot spf 30 anti-aging facial sunscreen and primer perfectly combines skin-benefiting organic ingredients to nourish and feed skin while providing broad spectrum protection, leaving skin primed and brightened. In addition Cosmos approved plant collagen helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Free from chemical UV absorbers, PEGs, parabens and artificial fragrance - Wotnot formulas are so close to nature we know your skin will love them as much as you do!