3 ways to show you care this Mother’s Day

3 ways to show you care this Mother’s Day

Once a year we take time to think of all the things we love and value about our Mum, or a Mum we know. Mother’s Day is Sunday 14th May 2023 and gives families an opportunity to show how much they care for the Mum in their lives.

This looks differently in every household and could be our own mum, or even our partner, sister, bestie, our Mother-In-Law or someone who simply took the time and care to invest in us as we have travelled our own parenting journey. 

If someone came to mind as you read that, here are some ideas for making a simple, yet meaningful Mother’s Day for them this year. 

Start the day on a peaceful and positive note

You probably already know the way they like to start their day, be that with a coffee or tea, but what could make that even better? Is it allowing them a sleep in, by taking the kids to the yard or playing quietly in another room? How about making them a nutritious breakfast to carry them through their day? You could even arrange with a local coffee shop to reserve a table for them so there is no washing up to do afterwards.

Take away the Mum Mental Load

One of the biggest irks I hear from mums everyday in my massage clinic is that partners or co-parents leave all the planning and organising to the mums. Mother’s Day is a chance to take away that mental load by making a plan to complete the chores Mum would normally do, come up with a range of activities for the kids to keep them occupied or get out of the house together as a family, ensuring you have got the bags packed, snacks and sunscreen organised and fuel in the car. 

To Mum, a Love Letter…  

Letter writing has become a forgotten art form. The ease of sending a text or meme over social media is now commonplace, however lacks the sophistication and significance a letter holds. This Mother’s Day, write a letter to Mum to describe all the ways in which they make a difference to you, the lives of your kids or to the community. Here is some inspiration. Even better, get the kids decorate the envelope or a frame to keep the letter somewhere special. 

If all else fails

I am the first to admit, things don’t always go to plan. Have a backup in mind with easy peasy online gift vouchers. At Calming Concepts, you can choose the treatment or pampering package you wish or, let Mum decide what she wants with a nominated amount instead.

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