Vibro-Acoustic Therapy

Vibro-Acoustic Therapy offers powerful, healing vibrations for physical regeneration, coupled with customised Sound Therapy. Clear and realign your energy field. 

This advanced healing technology is made as simple as can be! Music plays throughout the specially engineered Sound Lounge or Body Pillow and the headphones, delivering hundreds of healing frequencies to your cells, waters, bones, organs.

Scientifically composed healing tracks engage your parasympathetic nervous system, increase bone density, improve immune system functioning, as well as your creativity and mental acuity.

Musical meditation is medicine for the mind. 

Leaves you feeling deeply connected to yourself, your physical body, a lighter state of being and therefore a healthier relationship with the world around you.

20mins +Add-on Tune Up with Body Pillow $29
45mins Self-Guided Therapy $55
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