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ReMama Resolve Hair Perfecting Wand

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Hair loss is completely normal after having children, but the real fun starts when the new hairs grow in.

Uneven tufts of fluff creating frizzy baby hairs along the hairline that refuse to lie flat and smooth.

Our perfecting hair wand will ReSolve those annoying flyaway hairs and eliminate frizz.

Designed to hold your hair in place all day in an easy ponytail or bun, our unique formula also includes Biotin and Vitamin E to strengthen and replenish your hair.

The ReSolve stick is easy to just throw in your car or handbag, and the more natural formula means it won’t leave your hair with that oily or crunchy feeling you often get from hair sprays and gels.


Ingredients: Water, thickener, film former, jojoba, evening primrose, camellia extract, vitamin E, biotin, glycerin, acrylic acid, copolymer, flavor.